Ett kärleksbrev till Grand Canyon

Idag fyller Grand Canyon National Park 100 år, så jag sitter såklart här och drömmer om att få åka dit igen. Jag skrev en kärleksförklaring till den här platsen som nu ligger upp på Roadtrippers Magazine. Ni får gärna läsa! Här är ett utdrag:

President Theodore Roosevelt once called the Grand Canyon “a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.”

Visiting it is a bucket-list item for many—but for me, it was more than that. 

I grew up in northern Europe, where I spent my childhood romanticizing the dramatic U.S. scenery I had only seen in pictures and on television. I was surrounded by pine forest and snow-capped mountains, but I longed for deserts, red rocks, and canyons—and the Grand Canyon represented all of that. In my mind, it was the ultimate metaphor for America: Oversized, unapologetic, aspirational, and truly, mind-blowingly epic.

Läs hela texten här.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Grand Canyon National Park! Hoppas du finns kvar i 100 år till. 

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